Translations Services for Diplomatic and Government Use

Located just one block away from the United Nations, the Rennert Translation Group serves the diplomatic and non-governmental organization (NGO) communities of New York and the world with distinction.

Our project managers, translators and interpreters approach all diplomatic, consulate and NGO projects with dedication and discretion, whether the assignment is to translate personal and diplomatic documents, or to coordinate simultaneous or consecutive interpretation for events of international significance.

Translations of Official International Legal Documents

For years, the Rennert Translation Group has been a respected provider of translations for foreign consulates, supplying impeccable certified translations of marriage and divorce papers, birth certificates, citizenship papers, wills, articles of incorporation, real estate transactions and other legal and personal documents. Rennert has also been entrusted with interpretation of sensitive meetings, speeches, conferences and negotiations for key political, religious and diplomatic leaders, where every nuance of every word is significant for policy decisions and international relationships.

At the Rennert Translation Group, our dedication to the international community is a major reason for the success of our business.

Translations are certified by affidavit upon request. Rennert Translation Group translators sign confidentiality agreements. We also will sign client-specific confidentiality agreements.