Translation for International Marketing of Health Care and Beauty Products

A translation boutique for the beauty industry.

The Rennert Translation Group has been a preferred translations provider for many leading beauty care companies for over 15 years. We understand the complex nature and special needs of global marketing in the health care and beauty industry. We know you require:

Creative linguists who will ensure that your products stand out from the competition. Our experts are word artists who will translate your marketing text with flair.

Knowledge of your target audience. Our international staff will ensure your copy is localized accurately so it appeals to consumers in different geographic markets with widely varying cultures.

Experience with terminology specific to the cosmetic world. Our project managers and translation teams have worked with the beauty industry for years.

Pinpoint accuracy in beauty care translation. We know that cosmetics and beauty products are subject to strict labeling regulations, and we are meticulous about meeting those standards.

Consistency: Our staff tracks all your copy and uses glossaries to ensure consistency in ongoing projects.

Compliance with regulations in the destination country and an ability to communicate effectively with your overseas colleagues. We will keep an updated list of your international contacts, and, if you specify, will send translations overseas for in-country validation.

We will give you boutique service in any language and in every facet of the beauty industry.

We are extremely flexible and will work with your schedule. Our staff can meet any deadline. We deliver most translations in two to three business days and can also do same day assignments. Our project managers are always available for follow-up questions. The same person will take care of your project from beginning to end.

We translate advertising copy, product labels, brochures, promotional materials and specialized research documents. We supply translations and desktop publishing for hair care, makeup and skincare, bath and body products, sun protection products and fragrances.

We offer any language you need, including Romance, Eastern, Middle Eastern and Asian languages. We also can localize your copy for a particular target country. If you need Spanish for Spain, the US, Mexico or Argentina, we can deliver it for you.

We provide translations of exceptional quality.

Our translators have an average of 15 years of experience in the translation business. Most of them are specialists in cosmetics translations and in related fields such as healthcare, medicine and chemistry.

Our rates are competitive.

Our prices include translation and editing by professional translators and editors as well as a third level of quality control by a proofreader who carefully reviews and refines every translation, ensuring accurate and polished results.

Translation services available through Rennert Translation Group:

Translations are certified by affidavit upon request. All Rennert Translation Group translators sign confidentiality agreements. We also will sign client-specific confidentiality agreements.