About Rennert Translation Group

For more than two decades, the Rennert Translation Group has been a trusted supplier of Translation Services to some of the world's most prominent international companies, helping them to compete in the global marketplace.

Rennert's staff is proud of its long list of loyal corporate, legal, marketing, advertising and medical customers. Our dedication to editorial quality translations, coupled with the customer service provided by our employees, has made us one of the most respected translation service companies in New York and the United States.

Whether we're helping a large beauty company fine-tune its marketing in a culturally sensitive environment, delivering precise translations of market research studies, or providing localization of a large website to extend its worldwide reach, our company helps our clients embrace globalization and navigate the nuances of language and culture.

Rennert's translators and interpreters are among the world's most accomplished linguists. Most are certified by professional organizations, government or courts. All of our translators and interpreters have solid academic and career credentials in their respective languages, and the vast majority of them have resided in the countries of their source and target languages.

Rennert offers a broad array of language services, including translation; simultaneous and consecutive interpretation; website and software localization; desktop publishing; graphic and multimedia design; video and audio, including voice over, dubbing narration and subtitling for film; linguistic evaluation of job candidates; foreign language and English transcription; review and certification of translated documents; assessment of brand names for cultural appropriateness, and cross-cultural consultation for business projects.