The History of the Rennert Translation Group

Educator and businessman César Rennert founded the Rennert Translation Group in New York City in 1973. Since then, the Rennert staff has provided professional foreign language translation services to hundreds of companies, including more than a dozen Fortune 500 corporations. These seasoned translators and interpreters have consistently produced top-notch work, using industry specific terminology, for a wide variety of clients, including law firms; pharmaceutical, financial, market research, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing companies, and healthcare, advertising and public relations organizations and agencies.

The events of September 2001 brought challenges to all businesses in New York City. In the wake of the tragedy, the Rennert staff reaffirmed its commitment to international understanding and cross cultural communication. The group redoubled their efforts to build the business and provide the customers with outstanding service. The staff's determination paid off, and the Rennert Translation Group has maintained record growth for several years.

The hallmarks of Rennert's success have been quality, timeliness and the dedicated service of its staff. Every project manager, translator, interpreter or multimedia specialist who is part of a Rennert translation, interpretation, subtitling or dubbing job values the trust a client has placed in the company. Everyone who has a role in one of your projects is dedicated to conveying your message effectively and to ensuring that your sensitive corporate documents remain confidential.

For more than 30 years, Rennert's staff members have consistently set the highest standards in translation services. Contact the Rennert Translation Group to learn more about how our experience can help your organization on its next multi-lingual project.