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Our Professional Instructors

Susan Morea

'Interactive' is the word Susan Morea Professional English Program (PEP) instructor uses to describe her teaching methods. Professionals from all over the world have outstanding opportunities to share their ideas and learn from one another in Rennert's program, she notes. The term 'global village' takes on real and dynamic meaning right here in Rennert's classrooms.

Susan is impressed with the willingness of PEP participants to learn and challenge themselves. They are eager to talk about current events, enhance their business skills and learn about other cultures. The students create an energetic environment and make her role as instructor dynamic and gratifying.

Susan's background in corporate public relations and academic medical communications has contributed to her knowledge and teaching skills. A native New Yorker, Susan is a graduate of New York University. By her own admission, she is still in love with the City and encourages her students to "walk, walk, walk, get to know the neighborhoods, look around, and listen to how people talk and interact. Like Rennert, New York City is a great classroom!"

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