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Meet Our NY Teachers

Peter McGill

Peter McGill approaches teaching English with creativity and a sense of humor. "For so many students, English learning was always about memorization. I feel that it's so important for teachers to make the language come alive." That's what he works to do everyday at Rennert, bringing humor and imagination to his challenging classes. You can often hear laughter or passionate discussion coming from his classroom. "I also believe that classes have to push students in order to remain interesting. It's a delicate balance, but worth it."

He has had plenty of time to perfect his teaching. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in painting from Mass Art, he left his hometown of Boston to live and work as an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand for two years. "After I started teaching, I realized it was something I really loved to do," Peter says. Peter then moved to Tokyo to teach conversation at the engineering university, Tokyo Denki Daigaku, and then moved to Korea. "It was a great time in my life. I was fascinated by the cultures and got to make many friends from each of the countries," he says.

Peter decided to pursue ESL teaching more seriously and in 2006, he received his Master's degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Massachusetts. Upon graduating, he headed to New York City. "Living in New York had always been a dream of mine. There's always something going on." His favorite things to do are visiting the art galleries in Chelsea, going to see live music, and trying out new restaurants around the city. He especially likes sharing these things with students on class excursions.

He is glad with all of the decisions he's made, concluding, "I'm really happy with life now. I have a fun and interesting job with amazing students in a great city, what else could you ask for?"

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