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Meet Our NY Teachers

Rennert's Diverse Teachers Bring A Class to Life

It is difficult to describe a typical instructor at Rennert. Each teacher brings a unique approach to his or her classroom, drawing on a variety of training, experience and personal interests. What unites all the instructors and makes them exceptional is their dedication to their students and their dynamic approach to language learning using the R.E.A.L (Rennert's experiential approach to learning) method.

Rennert instructors are highly qualified native speakers. Many hold Master's in TESOL. Others have more than 15 years of experience teaching English as a second language. While all the teachers possess certification and experience, many have come to English language teaching from other careers, from law to film, making Rennert a dynamic meeting point for people of all ages, interests and professional backgrounds.

Each classroom is a small international community. Rennert instructors fit right in: Most teachers have traveled or lived abroad, and most of them are language students themselves. They can relate to the students and help them adjust to and take advantage of their stay in the U.S. It is a privilege, teachers often say, to facilitate and learn from the rich cultural exchange that takes place every day in the classroom.

At Rennert we use the R.E.A.L (Rennert's experiential approach to learning) method - a special communicative approach to language learning in all of our courses. From conversation to Future Professionals to TOEFL Success, we believe that learning any grammar point or vocabulary item requires that a student understand these structures in a real-world context and experience. By engaging their classes with relevant topics and interactive activities, Rennert instructors make the language learning process meaningful and therefore successful.

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