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The Homestay Experience

Live with a New Yorker! Immerse yourself in the language and culture of the city by staying with a host family during your English program.
Your homestay will be an adventure and a learning experience that will enhance your understanding of American culture and the English language. Be aware that our homestay families vary, and your host may be a single retired person, a family with children, or a single working man and woman. Staying with a family from another country can be fulfilling and challenging at the same time. Keep an open mind and understand that you will be living in another person's home in a country with different customs and habits than your own. When you embrace these differences, it can be a very rewarding experience for you and your host. Rennert students usually find that they share many common qualities with their hosts and can create bonds when there are differences. Learning about another country through living with another host family can be a fascinating experience. The relationship you build with your hosts will be something you will remember forever.

Homestay Details:
  • Homestays are located in Manhattan/Brooklyn/Queens
  • 30-60 minutes by subway to Rennert New York
  • Rooms are singles or doubles
  • Bathrooms are shared with the host family
  • Internet access is included
  • Meals: Breakfast 7 days a week- Optional: Dinner 5 days or 7 days a week
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