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Meet Our Miami Teachers

Nicole Green—A Natural Born Teacher
To get a sense of Nicole Green's enthusiasm for teaching and appreciation of new cultures, you just have to take a look at her experience. Nicole has been leading English instruction all over the globe, from Europe to South America.

Originally from California's Orange County, Nicole earned a degree in Political Science and Education from San Francisco State University before becoming an ESL instructor. She has also led Kindergarten and Pre-School classes, so teaching has always been a part of her life (“I was born to do it”).

Her favorite aspect of being an instructor at Rennert comes from her love of meeting new people and helping them with communication. Her greatest success comes when her students have those “aha” moments—when everything they've learned finally connects and comes together.

Nicole's travels have taken her both to places close to home (Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean) and to the other corners of the globe (Iran and India just to name a couple). Because she has traveled so broadly, it's no wonder she knows a friendly face in almost every foreign country.

In her off-time, Nicole enjoys shopping or spending her time with family. And while she also speaks a high level of Spanish, Nicole has plans in the near future to finally start Italian classes in hopes of perfecting yet another language.

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