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University of Cambridge
Examination Preparation Courses

Learn advanced test-taking strategies for the Cambridge Advanced Certificate and open the doors to international travel, work and study.

Exam Preparation Courses for CAE

More than 6,000 education instutions, business and government departments worldwide accept the CAE as proof of advanced achievement in learning English.

This qualification proves you can follow an academic course at the university level, communicate effectively and with confidence at a professional level and express yourself with a high level of fluency. Prepare by practicing on past papers and receive individualized guidance from your teacher in a small group class.

Cambridge CAE courses key facts:

  • We'll lead you through all the skills needed to succeed for the CAE exams in this rigorous course.
  • Our expert instructors simulate exam conditions and conduct practice exams to provide you with the best preparation possible.
  • 30 preparation lessons per week
  • 12 weeks
  • Monday-Friday
  • Morning and afternoon schedule
  • F-1 Student Visa Required
  • Typically the exam is given in the week folllowing the completion of the preparation course
  • An additional week of accommodations may be required for students during the exam period
  • Before registering, students must take a qualifying pre-test to insure an appropriate level of English

Location Price Start Dates Test Dates
New York City $4,955 March 26
September 10
June 13 and 16**
December 1 and 5*
Miami $4,650 February 26
June 3
September 17
May 12 and 19**
August 18 and 24
December 1 and 5

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